Creating image style after publishing article

Using image styles you can scale, crop, resize, rotate and desaturate images without affecting the original image. By default three sizes are defined: 'thumbnail,' 'medium', and 'large'.

Choose Administration > Configuration > Media > Image styles.

choose "Image styles "

click "Add style"

style name " create your own name "
then hit  "create new style" button

effects choose the drop down menu select a new effect (e.x: scale here i choosing )

choose scale after click "add" button
Add scale effect

Width "value" and Height "value" in pixels  then hit "Add effect" button

finally hit "update style" button

That it , now you create your own style ..

Test now create a new article and upload image any size see the sample article ,

now hit save button to view the article in home page
now the image size reduced thumbsize , view full article click "Read more"

That's it , this is the final output ..

I hope this little article help you



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